New Goldwing 2007

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This site is about my 2007 Honda GL1800 Goldwing, not about any other Goldwings just mine and my adventures on this wonderful bike. This bike is my daily commuter bike to Auckland CBD during the week and on the weekend it doesnt get a rest as I am out riding with friends, hence it is very rare to see this bike clean.

The Bike

The Wing is an 1800cc, 6 cylinder, 400kg (before I get on) beast of a machine. My Wing has done over 225km/h (on a private road, honest officer!). the GL1800 is not a bike to be called a grandad bike, this bike can be scratching around the bends with rice rockets one minute and then cruising nicely with the big cruisers the next. More about my thoughts on the Wing in "The Bike" Section.

The Rider and Pillion

Well nothing special about me, I have been riding since 16 flying around on a yellow moped (yes it had pedals) top speed 29 mph FLAT OUT! I have riden many bikes and built a few as well (with a lot of help from Phil back in the UK). I have covered many many more miles on a bike than I ever will in a car. The maximum time I have been bikeless was 1 year, interestingly I got divorced at the end of that period and got a bike!
Kirsty has recently joined "team wing" and doesnt have many Km's under her belt, but already she has fallen in love the wing (and the rider too hopefully!!)


I will be putting all my updates on the "Ride Blog" page. The updates won't just be about rides, it will be all my updates and rambles! Enjoy....